Why birding in Colombia?

31948046_10156440989072940_5791459336446279680_oBirding In Termales San Vicente 

Colombia is the country with the biggest amount of birds´ species in the world. With more than 1900 species, which 90 are endemics and more than 100 near-endemics.

20229677_10155596265882940_8880799055713133029_oBirding In Cortaderal 

Why we are bird photographers and we know what a bird photographer wants.


Because we know the best places to photograph birds in Colombia, our personalized tour for bird photographers is designed always touring the best sites for photography.

Captura de pantalla 2019-06-17 a la(s) 2.20.51 p. m.Birding In Anchicaya Nature Camp with photographer Fabian Barrueto (Chile)
34816d9a-e1d5-49f5-8378-51b852e5e8adCollared Araçari Birding in Anchicaya Nature Camp Photo by Fabian Barrueto

Because your photos can be on www.birdscolombia.com, the most important photo album of birds in Colombia


The size of the list is not our priority, our main objective is that you take the best pictures of the birds of Colombia.

5fce7fa2-c3b9-4c7b-bc8a-6372dac54163Niky Levy Photograph Birding In Alejandría
Amazilia Franciae Birds ColombiaAndean emerald Birding in Colombia Photo by Niky Levy
46508831_10156939605437940_7157247859853623296_oBirding In Colombia with Photographer Rodrigo Gaviria In the Condor Stone
Condor Rodrigo GaviriaAndean Condor photo by Rodrigo Gaviria
43537867850_ba4d539b28_oBirding In Colombia with photographer Fabian Barrueto (Chile)
31185517037_40088a8eae_oRuby-topaz Hummingbird photo by Fabian Barrueto 
MauroOssa CombeimaBajaBirding In Colombia in Rio Combeima searching Torrent Duck
Merganetta armataLoveTorrent Duck Birding In Rio Combeima 
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